Access Updates

October 5, 2018

Cascade Timber Consulting, Inc. welcomes responsible visitors & hunters onto its forest land. Drive-ins are allowed where gates are open. We will be opening some gates in the following areas: McDowell Creek, Sunnyside/Green Peter, Middle Santiam, South Bank, Hufford Ridge, High Deck, Swamp Mountain, Canyon Creek, Mouse Creek, Doe Mtn, Dobbin Creek, Wiley Creek, Green Mountain, Ames Creek and McClun Road. If you find a locked gate in these areas then walk-in hunting is still allowed. Areas west of Sweet Home like Scott Mtn, Middle Ridge, Cochran Creek, Courtney Creek and Union Point will remain closed for now. At this time no keys are being issued. All vehicles must stay on rock roads. Where gates are closed walk-ins are allowed. No camping or fires. No smoking outside of your vehicles. You may see a "Active Logging No Public Access" signs. If you do then those areas are closed to the public. Please do not block gate access. Please be respectful of adjoining property owners. Enjoy yourself and be safe. All information is subject to change at any time.