Reforestation & Young Tree Management

Cascade Timber Consulting actively participates in ongoing research investigating all aspects of reforestation. The research is directed at the production of superior seed, vigorous seedlings, exceptional wood quality, vegetation management, minimizing animal damage and tree nutrition.

Circumstances affecting early stages of life have a huge impact on the capacity of all living things to survive and grow to full potential. Many circumstances affecting seedling growth are controllable. A primary goal of any forest steward should be to maximize conditions that favor seedling growth. This process begins prior to planting and continues through seedling selection and post planting care. Improper planning or short cuts often make costly remedial action necessary. Skipped steps may result in not only poor survival but also loss of growth, yield and ultimately lower end value.

Seedling establishment needs to be viewed as an investment in the future. A healthy vigorous stand of young trees is not only an asset, but also something to take pride in.

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Reforestation Services
  • Site Preparation

  • Species and stock type selection

  • Seedlings

  • Planting

  • Vegetation control

  • Seedling Protection and Maintenance

  • Fertilization

  • Agriculture/Field Conversion

  • Cost share opportunities and contacts