Road Maintenance

With over 35 years of experience in the development and maintenance of forest access roads for timber land management, Cascade Timber Consulting Inc. brings to the table, the expertise in forest road construction, culvert installation, road surface maintenance and road side brush control.

Cascade Timber Consulting Inc. can advise the land owner of ways to meet the ever increasing requirements of the Oregon Forest Practices with special regards to the concerns dealing with and controlling turbidity from roadside ditch water run off, road placement with considerations given to soil stability, soil type, road grade, and the proper installation of fish passage structures (culverts or bridges).

Reforestation Services
  • Road Placement - Locating Logging Roads

  • Road Building - Administering Contractors

  • Road Grading - General Upkeep

  • Rock Hauling

  • Culvert Placement

  • Road Brusher

  • Back Hoe